Which one month policy is best for you?

Did you know that you can insure your car for just one month? If you have been buying annual car insurance policies when you only use the car from time to time, insurance companies have a product that may suit you better: pay as you go insurance. This policy is available on a pay-as-you-go monthly basis, so you can purchase it whenever you need to use the car and drop it when you no longer need the car.

To qualify for one month car insurance, you must be a resident of the UK and in possession of a valid UK driving licence. The policy is available for drivers from 17 to 75. Factors such as your driving history and experience will not necessarily push the insurer to deny you the policy but they will influence the kind of rates you pay. If they are both positive, you will pay less than a driver with a poor driving record, less experience or both.

Alternatively there is a similar type of policy which can run from one day to 28 days which is available from drivers aged 18 up to 75. Visitors to the UK from other EU countries can access this insurance too because road requirements across Europe are more or less the same. Eligibility of one month insurance for people from other countries will be determined by road rules in their parent country and how similar or different they are to those of the UK. While they may still be able to get the policy, they may have to pay more, which is nothing compared to the convenience this type of insurance gives.

The lengthy approval process often encountered when purchasing regular car insurance policies does not exist for one month insurance. There is no waiting period before the policy can take effect. Contact your preferred insurance company for a quote, pay up if satisfied with the rates and the policy is validated instantly. It is that simple and straightforward. As with other insurance policies, prices are competitive. Do a bit of comparison shopping before choosing a provider to find out who has better rates.

A quote may indicate low rates but on closer scrutiny, you find that it only offers third party insurance or third party, fire and theft only; when what you need is a comprehensive policy. In this case, go for the slightly expensive quote where total protection is guaranteed.

You will get better rates on one month insurance if you search among specialist companies as opposed to general providers. There are a number of insurance companies that have specialized in temporary car insurance, including one month insurance.

Some circumstances during which one can use one month car insurance are: when going on a long trip, when one has borrowed a friend’s car, when hosting visitors who will be driving around, or if you use your car irregularly.  

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